Will you chart a course for the next chapter of your life, or will you just let it happen to you? How many of us are approaching midlife, or beyond, with no idea how to plan for the future – not to mention paying for it?

Welcome! You are not alone. Having survived two successful careers in very different technical fields and from what I learned through marriage, divorce and fatherhood, I believe that healthy and successful living is so much more than just wading through a swamp of demanding colleagues, irritable clients and customers, in order to make it to retirement.

Change is inevitable. Now, in the third-half of my life, I inspire audiences to rekindle their search for happiness and a life well-lived. I teach audiences how to prosper by managing change at the turning points of their lives, in order to find and follow their own sense of purpose. For myself, I don’t ever plan to retire. I’m having to much fun helping readers and listeners to find their own voice, and then, to extend their reach beyond their grasp.


Robert William Case
October 10, 2014