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 Excellence is not an act, but a habit.


This seascape looks to the west across the remnant caldera of an ancient volcano. Every summer travelers visit this Mediterranean island from all over the world, to bask on its beaches, contemplate the wine, and drink in the beautiful sunsets. Four thousand years ago, your view would have been thoroughly blocked – by a smoldering 4,000-foot volcano. Its fertile slopes were home to leaping gazelles, wild bulls, and birds of every color imaginable.  Hot springs, lakes, and picturesque waterfalls were commonplace. Water was plentiful! Beneath the surface lay rich mineral deposits of copper, silver, and tin. All of these vast resources supported an advanced maritime civilization. This volcanic island was home to populous city with a bustling harbor and a great temple. It was the most beautiful place in the western world, and one day the most dangerous as well…

The Minoan civilization was the wellspring of ancient wisdom that sourced the legends of Greek mythology, including the story of a rather ordinary youth who received a pair of fully functional wings and then used them to fly too close to the sun. There is so much more to these people and their culture, never taught in your high school mythology class. The subject can develop into a complex adventure of life well lived; a story of freedom, love, betrayal, slavery, and coming of age on the Minoan sailing ships of the Bronze Age Mediterranean. Like Star Wars, it is a tale that defies genre. Find out more within the following pages.