Welcome to my website, a good stopping place for entrepreneurs, thinkers, book lovers, and dreamers. Why not pause for a moment – to consider this perfect fusion of sky, sea, and land – and even to dream? Dreams are where so many good ideas begin. In my case it was a dream of flight.

It’s easy now to see the things that I wish I’d done. They’re clearer in the distance of the past. But of course, there is no going back. And if we spend to much time and energy wondering what might have been, we risk missing the opportunities right in front of us today. Better for the emotional health to stay with the journey, connected with the present, and guided by new and improved dreams.

Wings are the the perfect metaphor for change, for rising above the mundane and ordinary. As a youth experiencing that inevitable coming of age, the wings that lifted me away from home felt empowering, defining, and highly individual. (The ancient Greek word for these defining experiences is Karios.) It wasn’t until watching my own children leave the metaphorical nest, that I began to see the universal nature of these cycles of initiation, and understand that they continue well into midlife. It was a shift in perspective, the inevitable results of aging, of being a father, a mentor, and finally, becoming a writer. So far two books have emerged. There’s more on the way.

There is still great power in the legends and mythology of the ancestral Greeks. It still flows into the present like ripples spreading outward from the splash of a stone into an ancient pond. It can resonate deep within our bones. At least that what I believe, and speak about, and teach. My workshops and keynotes are called “Taking it to the Next Level in Business and Life: Three Lessons from Greek Myth for Midlife and Beyond. message. I am pleased to edutain community and business groups, schools, and book clubs.