Robert has always been fascinated with the goddesses, heroes and gods of Greek mythology, and especially the very human legend of Icarus and his father. Even as a young man he knew that there had to be more to the story. Dropping out of college in the early 1970’s, Bob traveled to the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean for the first time, drawn to the land and its cultures, the beauty and the turmoil. Returning to the USA, his journey led back into college, then marriage and fatherhood. There were degrees along the way and careers in business and government. Through it all the fires of the ancient legends still smoldered. He studied the geology of the Aegean, the history of the Minoan people and the legend of Atlantis. Robert discovered improv, community theatre, and an inner creative writer that was tired of waiting. His first book, Daedalus Rising, was published in 2008. Now, the journey continues with the publication of Icarus and the Wing Builder. It is the first volume of a trilogy of historical fiction about the rise of the ancient Minoan civilization and its fall, in the wake of a cataclysmic volcanic eruption.

It has always been his dream and goal to write a book that fathers everywhere would enjoy reading their children.


Like many other baby boomers, Robert followed a path into adulthood oriented by career (geology) and family. He made some wonderful memories, and he experienced layoff, depression and divorce. Then came a second career and life as a single parent.

Somewhere around the turn of this new century and with the kids moving on into their own lives, Robert began to realize how unsatisfying it had become, playing the part of a conservative, introverted lawyer with a great voice, when what he really enjoyed was creative writing, being on stage and hearing people laugh. Community theater, improv classes and an award winning novel followed.

Ten years later Robert has become a dynamic speaker, humorist and author with a taste for stories about heroes, both legendary and ordinary, legacy and myth. His mellifluous voice has inspired and informed audiences across the U.S. Robert lives in Colorado with his wife and two Boston Terriers.