I’ve always been the creative type. As a kid growing up in northern Ohio, I was either reading, working on an art project, or building something. Years later in Casper, Wyoming, my first house turned into a remodeling project. So did the second one in Salt Lake City. By then, I was thirty-something, married with two children, and working in the energy industry as a geologist and seismic interpreter. The job ended badly in 1986 with a collapse of the crude oil market. We lived in Denver then. That’s where I began to remodel myself. I thought law school would be the way to fix the financials, but it wouldn’t be that simple. Not without experiencing a lengthy divorce, becoming a single dad, and reprioritizing my values. The 1990’s sped by in a blur of raising kids and practicing law.

When the world turned 2000, both kids were in high school. Both were clearly demonstrating their metaphorical desires to fly away from our suburban hideaway in the town they called “Little Fun.” Their lives were about to change dramatically. Mine would transform as well. That’s when I began to journal – an hour or two before work – rising early and making the time to write about all the transitions we were experiencing.

After graduation the elder old headed east into the military. The younger one west and into college. With Buster the Boston Terrier and Fatima the cat by my side or in my lap, I stayed home, cut my working hours, and wrote. The first book, Daedalus Rising, took flight in 2008. It was my first reimagineering of an ancient myth. The book is a biography of Daedalus, the archetypal artisan/scientist.

With both kids emancipated into reasonably healthy adults and married again to an exciting woman who loves to dance, travel, and read, I left the practice of law in 2014. At the same time I launched my this speaking/writing business, and my second reimagineering of Greek myth. The latest book is called Icarus and the Wing Builder. Wings and flight are the perfect metaphor for the universal coming of age theme. The book is a soaring piece (pun intended) of historical/mythological fiction, based upon the lives of Daedalus and Icarus, wholly recreated with a surprise ending. It is a fascinating read about freedom and slavery, love and betrayal, set upon the Minoan sailing ships of the ancient Mediterranean. The audio version just came out in July.

I love telling stories, both spoken and written. There are more reimagineerings in the works. I also present keynotes and workshops to schools, civil clubs, and conferences, designed and intended to motivate audience members to recognize their gifts, be who they are, and then, become the heroes of their own lives. Courage is not the result of moving from Krypton, or from being bitten by a radioactive spider. It’s already inside every one of us. Today, I entertain school age audiences with these lessons, motivating them to “Stay in School and Educate Your Mind.” For parents and those in midlife or better, I entertain and inspire audience members to see the value in their own lives. The presentation is called: “Aging Well: Changing the World in the Third Half of Your Life.” These books and presentations are my gifts, my legacy to the larger community.