A former scientist and attorney, Robert is a student of Greek culture and myth. It is in this realm of gods, heroes, and goddesses, that his creative side finds expression and freedom.

As a kid growing up in northern Ohio, he was either reading  or building something, often with wood. Becoming a homeowner, he re-modeled one house and home after another. When the price of crude oil collapsed in the mid 1980’s, he and his young family landed on a hard patch that stretched into the 90’s. They lived in Denver then. That’s when and where Robert began doing his inner work. Life had decided that the time had come to build a better man. Robert hoped that law school might be part of the “how.” It wouldn’t be that simple. Not without a lengthy divorce, depression, and becoming a single dad.

Within all this ‘sturm und drang’ and dreck, there was a buried jewel. It lay within the flight dreams that began to fill occasional nights with splendor. They were the change that defined his recovery. And, what a source of material for writing! A jewel, years in the polishing. (Note to the skeptical: None of this had anything to do with drugs, prescription or otherwise.)

When the world turned 2000, both kids were in high school. Each one clearly demonstrating their metaphorical desire to spread their own wings and ‘fly away’ from our suburban hideaway in the town they called “Little Fun.” Their lives would change, dramatically. Mine would transform, again. That’s when I began to journal – an hour or two before work – rising early and making the time to write about all the transitions. After graduation the oldest headed east into the Navy. The younger one went west and into college. With Buster the Boston Terrier and Fatima the cat by his side or in his lap, Robert stayed home, cut his working hours, and began to write. The first book, Daedalus Rising, took flight in 2008. It was his first reimagineering of classical myth. The book is a memoir of sorts, about the life of Daedalus, the archetypal artisan/scientist of Greek legend and myth.

With both kids emancipated into their own lives, Robert remarried, and left the practice of law. Later still, he launched his second book, a novel: Icarus and the Wing Builder. It is the story of Daedalus’ legendary flight, finally told from the father’s point of view. The book is a page-turning read about freedom and slavery, love and betrayal, set upon the Minoan sailing ships of the ancient Mediterranean. The audio version just came out in 2015.

Robert still writes, tells stories and gives the occasional presentation to any audience or book club that cares to listen. And, he still enjoys a good predawn flight from time to time.