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The Sun Is New Each Day

Each morning the sun takes another course into the sky.   Light and warmth follow and the day begins, a common event of enormous circumstance.  The sunrise informs and actuates the present.  Each one is different.  And deep within that mystery lies a gift for anyone perceptive enough to notice, anyone willing to accept it.   It is the blessing for the day at hand, a fresh chance to create and to connect and to experience what it is that we were born to do.

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Meaninglessness Cure

In the predawn light of a calm, cold morning, a low-lying  veil of white lies upon the lake.  Above it, nothing but clear sky;  I expect a hazy sunrise.  But then, right before my eyes a light wind appears and blows the fog away in thin, delicate wisps.   And just in time for the sun to rise into a clear sky, a little bit to the north of where it was the day before.

Sunrise is the context into which the rest of the day unfolds.    It is the ideal time and place to dedicate oneself to the rest of the day,  a fine first step toward individual expression, or even purpose.    Missing one, leaves much to chance, to settle for existence instead of being alive.

Some days it is a link with the past and to any or all of the artists, thinkers and philosophers who have come before and been captivated or inspired by the majesty of the event.  The list includes some true heavyweights;   Copernicus, Galileo and da Vinci to name a few.   These three were true kings of insight and perspective, each one of them.  In their time the expression of the idea that the sun did not revolve around the earth was heresy, which made it criminal.  Yet they held to their beliefs, expressing them at considerable risk to their own welfare,  in writings, teaching and in philosophical debate.   Ultimately their steadfast beliefs that the earth was not the center of the universe won out and in the process, raised the consciousness of the world from one centered in ritual and myth, and placed it onto a mental plane based in reason and deduction.

You can feel all that and more in a good sunrise.  Its like standing on very secure and powerful shoulders.

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Sun Worship

Sunrise over Sloan's Lake 1-17-11

Certainly the sun and its light and warmth, travel across the sky each day.  Constant motion.  And if you  pay close enough attention to the detail, then you know that the path is not quite the same each day.  Even the starting point for the days journey is different.  It changes each day. Since beginning this blog I have stood and watched long enough to to see the place of the sunrise  move and even change direction.   At first this point on the horizon was moving to the south, a little further each day.   Until the day of the solstice, December 21, 2011, when it stopped its southward trek.  since that day it has reversed itself and moves north again.  And I must rise a little earlier each day in order to be there.  It always returns.

At this time of day it is easy to be alone, only me and the earth and the sun. My opportunity to plant the seeds for this day. Not just to react to whatever comes along, but to induce into this day my own sense of awareness and desire, right from the beginning, my personal alignment with the sun and its energy.

Predawn light over Sloan's Lake 1-17-11

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