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              Icarus and the Wing Builder is an epic tale of rites of passage, love, betrayal and mastery, set upon the mystical islands and sailing ships of the Aegean Sea. This book tells the story of the first recorded flight between two mountainous islands by a father and son; two ordinary people of an ancient time, whose deeds have become legendary.

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The author’s unique and captivating narrative escorts modern readers through fantastical times and places where Minoan characters live and thrive on idyllic islands dotting the Aegean Sea, where volcanoes threaten to bring havoc to tropical isles, and where complicated lives mingle to spawn love stories, power struggles, and dramas of mythic proportions… A compelling hero’s journey set in ancient times—rich with loves, dangers, and classic complications—Wing Builder is also a tome with eerie twenty-first century implications. The narrative points to fundamental questions about human nature, our priorities as a technological species, and our everlasting helplessness when confronting unsympathetic forces of nature, such as those being unleashed by global climate change.
Mr. Case has accomplished all that is required of an engaging novelist: an original and compelling story-line, emotional resonance, convincing characters, and adventurous quests by ingenious innovators, such as those who in mythology left the terrestrial plane for the first time to rise above the fray of human affairs.

Brent Green, author of  Warrior and Noble Chaos

         Icarus and the Wing Builder is a page-turning account of the events that led up to and surrounded that first flight. It is entertaining, sometimes surprising, and always well-written. Read it. And then join me in waiting for the movie.      
         A rocky beach landscape that can be nowhere other than Ancient Greece; an unfairly wronged man finding hope in a bird’s effortless flight against a cerulean sky; a young man named Icarus leaving on a walk-a-bout that he just might not return from; a strong captain sailing a ship that’s carrying an unlikely pair across the Mediterranean; a formidable king leaning back on his over-sized throne after having just pronounced a passionate, yet never uncontrolled, decree; willing courtesans listlessly walking by, hinting at nights filled with passionate love-making; a back-lit image of the man standing on a cliff wearing giant clearly hand-made wings that somehow possess a they-just-might-work quality to them; the man wearing wings falling off a cliff out of sight then rising up against a cloudless sky–This is Icarus and The Wing Builder.

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Daedalus Rising – The True Story of Icarus


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Icarus and the Wing Builder