Robert has created a historical novel out of legend and myth that reads like a suspenseful drama, set three millennia ago and shortly before the cataclysmic eruption of the volcano known as Thera (Santorini) at the height of the Minoan civilization. Daedalus Rising is the story of a man that dreams of flight on wings of his own design. It is also the story of his son’s passage from youth to manhood. In this particular case the son happens to be Icarus, the boy who according to the old legend, perished after flying too close to the sun on wings made by the father.

Daedalus Rising tells the story of the father. We all know the sad, old story, the one taught in high school. But we don’t have to keep mindlessly repeating it, generation after generation. Because building wings is no small feat. It had to be his life’s work, a masterpiece. It could yet be his legacy. This award winning novel tells the wingmaker’s story, and of what really happened in the sky that day.

Robert is also a contributing author in a new men’s anthology, ‘Ordinary Men, Extraordinary Lives: Defining Moments’ which is being launched later in 2011.

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